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Unfortunately, not much is happening right now during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Looking forward to getting going with the ELMIRA SUNDAY CONCERT SERIES again, but that's looking less likely even for 2021. But, if there should be some miracles or new developments of any kind, I'll post them here.


keep up on the latest news (cancellations etc) on our Facebook page:

In memory of

Lynn Russwurm

1930 - 2016


My new CD, "SELF PORTRAIT" is finally available as a download or as a double length CD.

After more than a year of working at it on and off, it's actually done! It was an enormous job.

There are 20 songs - enough, some would say, for a double album. We decided to go with one extra length CD.

There are seven songs written by my Dad, Lynn Russwurm, who has been writing songs for more than 60 years. There are five songs written by me, and the rest are classic tunes from the Golden era of country music. It's the music I grew up on, the music I love, and I hope you'll love it too!


If you wish to order a CD, send me $15., and I'll send you one anywhere in Canada. (Canadian Funds)

For $20., I'll mail it anywhere in North America.


Send to Lance Russwurm,

327 Hazelglen Drive,

Kitchener, Ontario,




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